Why Kalabagh Dam was Never Made? | Part 2

Why Kalabagh Dam was Never Made? | Part 2

Why are these provinces against Kalabagh Dam? *The Secret Behind The Curtain* . For last 12 years, Pakistan has faced severe short fall of electricity and whatever electricity. We do have, it is ridiculously high-priced. Most expensive in the South Asian region. On the other hand, the situation is that floods come every 2-3 years. Hundreds of millions of rupees are wasted, people die, families get destroyed. The solution for both floods and electricity shortfall, is dams!. In fact, dams have another plus point which is that when we don’t have enough dams, we produce electricity through petroleum and petroleum we have to import. And wealth flies out of the country. The country gets buried with deficit. Had Kalabagh Dam been made, it would be producing 3600 megawatts of power which would cost around Rs. 1.5/- per unit. Today, we’re producing this electricity through diesel At Rs. 11/- to Rs. 15/- per unitAnd, it destroys the environment as well. If these dams are in everyone’s favor, why are these provinces against it?

* Spilling The Secrets *

When a project hangs in the balance for as long as this project has the realities come out. Print media has published all the secrets. That who is against it, and why KPK’s areas come under danger only if. If the dam’s height is kept very high because then the river water will rise greatly. But obviously, the experts have not designed to dam to drown half of KPK. The real problem is that the lake of this dam will be in KPK But the dam would be made in Punjab. What this means is that Punjab will get royalty of the electricity while KPK will have to sacrifice its land. Sindh’s argument is a little different. Back in 1988, when the design of this dam was completed Sindh feared that Punjab might take away a lot of water through canals. If Punjab takes all the water, Sindh will die out of thirst. In 1991, all four provinces signed a pact and resolved this issue once and for all. That which province will get how much water. This pact is available on the Indus River System Authority’s website. It clearly states how much water can each province take. Any provinces can make new canals, or terminate the old ones. Build new dams or decomission old ones. Water-share will not change. No province can take more than their quota. Even though, Kalabagh Dam’s design doesn’t contain any canals whats oever. But even if a canal is added, Punjab’s share wouldn’t increase. It just cannot happen that Punjab takes away Sindh’s water, KPK takes away Punjab’s water or Gilgit Baltistan takes away KPK’s water. This is not some street cricket where the one who has a bat gets to play first. On KPK’s reservation, there is a simple solution. We should give Punjab’s area where the dam (not the lake) is supposed to be built to KPK then the royalty of dam’s electricity will also go to KPK. But, Pakistanis are always late in coming up with solutions. The problem is that now this issue is being used by the politicians who believe in ‘Divide and Rule!’. Now, it is near impossible that this dam will ever be made. No government will have the audacity to build this dam on the cost of enraging two provinces. But now, our responsibility is that dams that are actually building such as Diamir Bhasha dam and Dasu Dam etc. we shouldn’t make these dams controversial.
We should believe in the experts and complete the projects quickly. We should be Pakistanis first, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathans and Punjabi second. Produce low-cost energy Boost Pakistan’s economy.

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