The Beautiful Side Of Pakistan | An Album Of 27 Photos

Is Pakistan a beautiful country? What are some main attractions of Pakistan?

Yes, It is a very beautiful country. The landscape of Pakistan is really diverse. It ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakorum and the Himalayas through dissected plateaus to rich alluvial plains of Punjab. Then follows the bareness of Baluchistan and the hot dry deserts of Sindh blending into miles and miles of beaches on the Makran Coast.

The Beautiful Side Of Pakistan | An Album Of 27 Photos.

1: Deosai

2: Ratti Gali Lake

3: Mesa in the Sulaiman Range

4: Murree

5: Attabad Lake

6: Shounter Lake

7: Spin Khwar Waterfall

8: Miri Volcano

9: Makran Coastal Highway

10: One Of The Naltar Lake

11: Lahore

12: Matiltaan, Kalam Valley

13: Bashkar Gol Lake

14: Frozen Shandur Lake

15: Chitta Katha Lake

16: Dudipatsar Lake

17: Pakistan Monument

18: Deosai

19: Wazir Khan Mosque

20: Glacial Lake At Concordia

21: Shandur Lake

22: Trango Towers

23: Phandar Valley

24: Faisal Mosque

25: Badshahi Mosque

26: Faisal Mosque

27: Spantik Summit Ridge


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