CPEC City Gwadar – Do You Know the AMAZING FACTS?

CPEC City Gwadar – Do You Know the AMAZING FACTS?
Do you know that Pakistan bought Gwadar. You already know the history of Pakistan. That the British used to rule here then we got independence.
And that’s how Pakistan was made. But, even after the independence Gwadar didn’t become a part of Pakistan nor did it become India’s part. In fact, it wasn’t even a part of the British Raaj. Seems odd, doesn’t it? So let’s check out its details. This center-piece of CPEC. Which is gathering attention from the world over. What is its story?There has always been a settlement in Gwadar area in 300 B.C. Alexander (aka Alexander the Great) ruled this area, Alexander died.
After about 900 years, Muslims conquered this land. Time kept on moving. And Baloch tribal leaders (Sardars) made fortresses and formed their own small governments. Almost 600 years ago, when European nations started colonization, The Portugese set focus on South Asia as well. They invaded, even captured many areas of the
Indian Subcontinent. But when they tried to sieze Gwadar, Baloch fighters kicked the Portugese out
(Band baja di).

After this, until 1783, neither the Portugese dared to attack Gwadar nor did anyone else. But Gwadar’s history takes a big turn in 1783. What happened is that there’s a country across Gwadar’s beach called Oman. That country’s Sultan (king) got attacked by his own brother and captured the whole kingdom. It works like this among king brothers (royal families) Oman’s Sultan escaped the siege and came to Gwadar. The name of this fleed king was Taimur Sultan. Back then, Khan of Kalat used to rule Gwadar. The legendary Khan’s name was Mir Noori Naseer Khan. Khan gave Gwadar region to the Sultan. So that the Sultan can launch resistance against his brother. This policy worked.

The sultan reclaimed Oman. But, did not leave Gwadar. No Sultan ever leaves a territory, even a gifted one. When Sultan regained the whole Kingdom, He also established a military cantonment in Gwadar. And built the Gwadar Fort. In 1793, Khan of Kalat said to Sultan that brother, I homed you on this land as a guest, You have seized the area. You were a guest, not the owner. The Sultan gave the very answer.  That all sultans give on such occasions, Beat it. Time kept on passing. Mughal went away, the British arrived. But Omani rule continued on Gwadar. Gwadar was so far-flung. That the British did not try to capture it. Rather made a pact with Omani government. And set up some establishments there (telegraph, watch tower etc.). More time passed Pakistan was made.
But Gwadar remained a part of Oman. Not Pakista. It did not become a part of Pakistan
But Pakistan wanted it to be so. Because Pakistan understood that There’s huge potential of a big port city in the Arabian Sea and Gwadar is best placed for becoming that port city.

Eventually, Dubai became that port city. But, we’ll talk Dubai on some other time. So, Pakistan wanted Gwadar to become a part of the country. So Pakistan started making assessments. Whether Gwadar can become a deep sea port or not, Whether huge-sized ships can port here or not. Or, is the sea not deep enough. Back then, Pakistan had great relations with the US. Which are terrible at the moment. So, Pakistan asked the US to survey the Gwadar area. US Geological Survey studied the area and told Pakistan that Gwadar is a goldmine, Grab it!. This happened in 1954. 7 years after Pakistan was created. Then Pakistan started talks with Oman. After long negotiations, a deal was made. And, for 5.5 billion Pakistani rupees, Oman sold “Ghuwadar” to Pakistan. Omanis called it Ghuwadar. They still call it Ghuwadar. They cannot pronounce the hard G sound.They pronounce girl as “Ghirl” and google as “Ghooghle”. So, in 1958, 11 years after the independence. Gwadar became a part of Pakistan. Back then, Pakistan had big dreams for Gwadar. Back then, nobody knew about Dubai. Pakistan wanted Gwadar to be What Dubai is today. Back then, Pakistan was aiming to be what Germany or Japan are today. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) was ranked as world’s second best Princes and princesses of Indonesia and Malaysia studied in Pakistani colleges. GC Lahore wanted to be ranked alongside Cambridge And, maybe it shocks you, That Pakistan gave a loan of 120 million rupees to West Germany in 1963. Germany was devastated after the second WW. And, to rebuild Germany, they took loans from rich countries of the world. One of those rich countries was Pakistan. Pakistan has seen pretty good days. Today, we’re dreaming to bring back those days. While everything else is happening. Pakistan is also re-awakening the Gwadar dream. It finally seems that Gwadar’s good days have arrived. Because CPEC is building. But, more on CPEC later. I forgot a very important point. What in the world does Gwadar mean. There are two etymologies. First is that when Alexander (the Great) used to rule here. Almost 2500 years ago The Greeks called this land Gedrosia. So “Gwadar” is basically a just distorted “Gedrosia”. Second etymology is that In Balochi language, “Gwat” means “Air” And “Dar” means “Door”. So, the applied meaning is “The Gateway of the Wind” I consider the second etymology to be true. And, it also sounds nice. Because, this hammer-shaped city extends into deep seas And “The Gateway of the Wind” suits this place. Don’t you think so? I wanted to talk in detail about CPEC, Because CPEC and Gwadar go hand-in-hand, Where China is coming with over 60 billion dollars. Turkey and other friendly countries have spiked this project to 100+ billion US dollars. All phases of CPEC are scheduled to complete in 2032. But early harvest projects are expected to become fruitful by 2021. So, where does CPEC stand now?.
Which projects have started working? And, which motorways and railroads are being constructed?. We will discuss all this in our CPEC series.

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